Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top Ten International Cricket Players of 21 Century

In a Survey,  Sachin Tendulkar is placed on top in the list of best international cricket players.
The list of top ten cricket players of 21 Century is:-
1. Sachin Tendulkar. - India
2. Kumar SangaKara - Sri Lanka
3. Adam Gilkrist - Australia
4. Ricky Ponting. - Australia
5. Jack Kalish - South Africa
6. AB Devilleirs - South Africa
7. Shen Warn - Australia
8. Glen Macgraw - Australia
9. Muthaiya Murlidharan - Sri Lanka
10. Del Stane - South Africa

In top 10 players most of them are Australian, While there is no one player from West-indies , England, Pakistan and Bangla Desh. 3 players in this list from South Africa and Two from Sri Lanka. While only one is from India but he is on top.

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